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What IS Domogatchi?

A collection of interactive digital pets that leverage blockchain technology to allow users to own and trade their Domogatchi on the NFT marketplace!

A Blockchain Game?!

Key elements of the game, such as ownership history, lineage and characteristics are encoded onto the blockchain, and the gameplay is handled with traditional web-based interactive functionality along with cutting-edge Web3 solutions. This allows each unique digital pet to grow and evolve over time as they age and level up!

Why Are We Doing Things This Way?

We firmly believe that blockchain technology offers real utility to video game design and development. However, forcing every aspect of a game onto the blockchain is gratuitous, and oftentimes arbitrary. We prefer to use blockchain technology and traditional web-based systems where they each make the most sense.

Wait... What?

To put it simply, your Domogatchi exists as a living NFT with dynamic metadata which reflects the current state of your Domogatchi on our platform. This allows you to trade your digital pet on marketplaces that adhere to the NTF standards.

What If Something Happens to the Servers?

Domogatchi is built with fail-safes in mind which allow us to transfer key metadata to another server or even “on-chain” when the appropriate blockchain solution becomes available.


#1 - More Mini-Games!

We plan to add more mini-games, activities and fun new ways to interact with your Domogatchi!

#2 - More Animations & Emotes!

Your Domogatchi will get more animated and emotive as we add more ways for Domogatchi to show you how they are feeling and what they want!

#3 - Domogatchi Ranch

See all your Domogatchi in one place at the same time at your Domogatchi ranch, where you can watch them play and interact!

#4 - Take Your Domogatchi Anywhere!

Access your Domogatchi on non-MetaMask compatible browsers via a user account on any device with a modern web browser!

#5 - Breed Domogatchi

Selectively breed your Domogatchi with your own, or with your friends’ Domogatchi to mix traits, and create your ideal digital pet!

#6 - Multiplayer

Connect with friends and find nearby players to let your Domogatchi meet and get to know each other!

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